Posted by Dave Dominick on Jul 18, 2018
Club Meeting Highlights
At 12:15 PM, our new Club President John Chandler called his first club meeting to order welcoming sixty awesome fellow Rotarians and guests followed by a round of great singing of “God Bless America” led by Rotarian Dick Nicholson accompanied by well-known pianist Rotarian Bob Jones.
Rotarian Elyssa Weber provided an excellent inspirational minute.  Rotarian Mindee Kastelic took over the microphone doing an enthusiastic job of introducing Rotarians and guests.
President John Chandler shouted out thanks to Rotarians Deb Katzmark and Laurie Murphy for making members and guests feel welcome as they served as greeters for the meeting.  Rotarian Dave Dominick utilized his note taking skills to take meeting minutes.
Presidential remarks were given by President John Chandler.  His remarks included highlights from the July board meeting.  President Chandler shared his elevator speech and indicated that the board is focusing on membership and the identification of a Club Vice President candidate.  The board did approve the Rondo Project with more information about the project being sent to club members.  President Chandler updated the club on the JOHNBO Meter contest.  The meter is up to two.  Throughout the year, our President will keep track of how many times Bo Aylin will be recognized as John Chandler.  All Rotarians are invited to participate in the contest.  Prizes will be awarded at end of the year.
Past President Chuck Whitaker invited Immediate Past President Jerry Faletti’s friends to attend his upcoming roast and toast set for July 25 from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm held in the Ratskeller at Summit Brewing Company.  Cost per person is $45.
Rotarian Sherry Howe encouraged club members to attend Rotarian Trixie Golberg’s farewell celebration on July 18th from 5 – 7 PM at the Great Waters Brewing Company.
New Rotarian Tally Venjohn of the Children’s MN Hospital and Clinics Foundations was introduced to the club and presented some fabulous new member gifts.
Rotarian Mindee Kastelic did a great job securing Happy Dollars from the audience.  Thanks to Rotarians Ken Crabb, Doug Hartford, Jim Kosmo, and David Laird for sharing happy news and providing happy dollars for our Club’s Foundation.
The extraordinary Rotarian Jay Pfaender gave a preview of upcoming program speakers with Rotarian and former club President John Andrews presenting Base Camp on July 24.
Board Member Rotarian Jean Vukas Roberts introduced a wonderful speaker, Dr. Joseph Lee, Medical Director of the Youth Continuum, Hazelden Betty Ford Center.  Dr. Lee has extensive experience in addiction treatment for youth and families across the county and aboard.  Dr. Lee has a great message to share on the perspective of addiction.   According to Dr. Lee, “addiction is about people, not drugs.  Only by investing in our youth can we hope to stem the tide”.  Dr. Lee encouraged us to look at addiction in a different lens.  Dr. Lee’s presentation shared some key facts around addiction, drugs and youth. 
As our Club meeting wrapped up, President John Chandler led the club with the Four Way Test.
It was a great day to be a Rotarian.  President Chandler provided stellar leadership from the podium and encouraged everyone to “Be the Inspiration.”

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David Dominick