1. If you had students attend last year and forgot to pay, please settle your account.
  2. Fill out the 2018 Rotary Club Electronic Registration form. This helps us plan for staffing and track payments.
  3. Select your students. (You can use the 2018 RYLA Nomination Form  if you wish).
  4. Fill out , or have your selected students fill out, the electronic registration form. We do not need the nomination form. The information we need is all on the electronic registration.
  5. Have students send 2018 Release Form to This form must be signed by a parent/guardian for underage students. This is mandatory by the YMCA.
  6. Arrange transportation for your students. Note that non-parents need to go through the Rotary District 5960 youth protection program (or equivalent 5950 program)
  7. Invite your students to attend a meeting to share their experiences.

Here are the clubs we have attending as of March 15:

New Prague Owatonna Noon Lakeville
Austin, MN Grantsburg Roseville
Early Morning Owatonna Edina Hutchinson
Northfield Buffalo Maple Grove

Rotary Clubs from Minnesota and Western Wisconsin may sponsor students to attend Camp RYLA. Our programming targets juniors in high school, and we will accept sophomores and seniors. Preference will be given to clubs that sponsor both a male and female student.

If you have already signed up to sponsor a student, thank you very much for your commitment!  As you know, Camp RYLA has been helping build young leaders across our two Rotary districts for over 60 years.

Below is a brief calendar of your clubs responsibilities. For the the deadlines in any given year, please refer to the official announcement and the Guidelines for Sponsoring Clubs that can be found on the sidebar to the left. Please use the electronic registration form for clubs (menu to the left) to help us track the total registration, club payments, and help distribute new information. 

Involvement Needed from Your Club


  • Make a commitment to participate!
  • Appoint a Club RYLA Chair
  • Let us know how many students you plan on sending at
  • New this year, we are going to issue invoices to help us manage the cash flow and provide clear payment instructions.
  • Contact staff of youth-serving organizations, such as high school principal(s), and deliver RYLA Information and Student Applications (which you will receive when we get your faxed commitment).


  • Collect applications from contacts. 
  • Review applications and make student selections and an alternate. (Preferably one girl and one boy.)
  • Email us the application. You can delegate this to your school or student, but it does help prevent confusion if you send it to our application account directly ( to make sure that the applications we get are the same as the students you are planning on sending. Please put the students name in the subject line.  This email account has very limited access to maintain privacy.  Do not forget the YMCA Waiver.
  • Reconfirm attendance with your student.  Arrange transportation.  Publicize in local media.
  • Transport student(s) from home to Camp St. Croix, and from the InterContinental in downtown Saint Paul.
  • ETHICS DISCUSSION WITH STUDENTS - ALL ROTARIANS AND SPOUSES INVITED- Dinner and after dinner discussion Sunday April 22

After the camp's session:

  • Invite your RYLA awardees to participate in a Rotary meeting. Student enthusiasm for the camp experience is catching!
  • Help RYLA participants remember the importance of talking about their experience to other students-and to recommend it to others.


There is no cost to the participating student. Clubs pay $350 per student. Please return with invoice. Registrations after April 1 will be charged an additional $25 fee.

Make checks payable to:

Rotary Club of St. Paul

401 N. Robert Street, Suite 150
Saint Paul, MN 55101

(please put RYLA in the memo line)


Your Rotary Club is responsible for your students' transportation from their home to Camp St. Croix and from the InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront Hotel (site of the closing event) to their home. We require that the student bring the name and phone number, preferably cell phone, of the person(s) who will be picking them up on Tuesday. Students are not allowed to drive their own cars to Camp St. Croix!

If you have questions, please call Jodi at the St. Paul Rotary Office or email the RYLA Camp Director at

March 26 Final date for club RSVP for early bird rates

April 6, last chance for a 100% refund upon a cancellation;

April 13, last chance to register;

Instead of asking for a refund, please consider supporting a student from outside your area. We can probably match up additional students with a little notice and may be able to help arrange for them to visit your club.

Note that we will do everything we can to accommodate folks. As long as we have space, get the dues paid, and get the release forms, we will get your campers in camp.