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Holiday Gala & Silent Auction - Non-Member Registration
InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront
Dec 06, 2018
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Holiday Gala & Silent Auction -Member Registration
InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront
Dec 06, 2018
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Rotary Happy Hour at Summit
Summit Brewing Co.
Dec 13, 2018 4:00 PM
Rotary Happy Hour at Summit
Summit Brewing Co.
Jan 10, 2019 4:00 PM
Dec 04, 2018
Dec 11, 2018
Dec 18, 2018
Dec 25, 2018
Jan 01, 2019
Jan 08, 2019
Jan 15, 2019
Jan 22, 2019
Jan 29, 2019
Feb 05, 2019
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Happy Birthday!
Member Birthdays
Stephen B. Young
November 2
Donovan Schwichtenberg
November 6
Robert W. Jones, D.D.S.
November 12
Jim Delamater
November 15
Richard H. Zehring
November 15
Cindy Shiely
November 16
Sue Cammack
November 16
Mark Stutrud
November 29
NOVEMBER 6, 2018 ROTARY IN REVIEW: Visioning Part 3

Club Conversation, Visioning Part 3 – Michael-jon Pease, with the help of members of the visioning team, rolled out the vision document to the club.

Bill Collins and Susan O’Neil presented the draft Mission/Vision/Values and Purpose Statement. Many thanks to Bill, Susan and to Joe Kovarik and Ken Crabb who led this effort! Bill set us up for 45 minutes of twisted words by encouraging members to memorize the purpose until it falls “trippingly off the tongue.” From Bill to Todd Nicholson to the king of tongue twisters Joe Kovarik, hardly a mouth in the room could wrap itself around a three-syllable word after that encouragement!
President John Chandler called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.
Dr. Ken Crabb led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance and offered an inspirational minute about civility in discourse on this mid-term election day.
Thanks to greeters Laurie Murphy and Jason DeKeuster!
Sherry Howe introduced visiting Rotarians and guests.
President’s Remarks:
·         Thank you to our Rotation Day Hosts: Beth Burns (Friends of the St. Paul Library), John Andrews (Boy Scouts) and Heidi Fisher (Epilepsy Foundation)
·         Rotary Milestones and November birthdays were celebrated with gusto and a rousing round of Happy Birthday led by Susan O’Neil.
Foundation Month – Elmer Andersen Day
Dan McKeown, our Foundation Board President, presented an overview of the St Paul Rotary Club Foundation. Our Rotary Rose Sale in September and Holiday Gala Silent Auction raise about $27,000. Together with the Foundation’s charitable payout, there is about $44,000/year for our club’s charitable purposes.
Corey Edmunds reminded club members to RSVP for the Dec 6 Holiday Gala and Silent Auction and contribute their donations for the silent auction. John Chandler modeled that behavior by handing over a gift certificate!
Club Conversation, Visioning Part 3 – Michael-jon Pease, with the help of members of the visioning team, rolled out the vision document to the club.
Bill Collins and Susan O’Neil presented the draft Mission/Vision/Values and Purpose Statement. Many thanks to Bill, Susan and to Joe Kovarik and Ken Crabb who led this effort!
Mission: St. Paul Rotary strengthens our entire community with service and fellowship.
Vision: To see a stronger and more vibrant St. Paul community with global connections.
·         Everyone is welcome at Rotary.
·         We recognize and work with community partners.
·         We promote the interests of our members.
·         We address local issues.
·         We build life-long connections.
·         And, we have fun. 
Statement of Purpose: To serve the St. Paul community and the world by enriching people’s lives through benevolence, fellowship, and fun.
Quick reactions:
·         The mission and purpose statement need to be better aligned – the mission focuses on the local community and the purpose statement talks about enriching the world.
·         Rotary does have an international aspect, but there is so much that needs to be done in our local community – we need to focus there.
·         Great work on the language – this feels like a good direction!
·         It would be great to have the statement express more passion – something that really grabs you.
·         It’s great to have this grounding as we move forward.
The conversation continued with the major areas of the club’s work. After the presentation, each table turned into work teams to outline future steps for the vision. Ideas were shared and members were encouraged to volunteer for the work team whose work interested them most.
·         Strong mentorship program for new members
·         Build strong relationships through small group encounters / opportunities
·         Annual forum for members to choose / create projects that respond to big community issues
·         Early career mentorship for Rotaractors (college age Rotarians)
·         STRIVE* program in two high schools
·         Members know every Rotarian in the club
·         Challenge the community to use the 4 way test
·         Reach in to diverse communities: mentor, train and empower young leaders
·         Continue CAMP RYLA w/ALL Rotarian counselors
·         Rotaractors transition to club based on strong relationships with members
·         Choose projects that attract significant club participation
·         Create citizen awards program
·         Bike pathway from Minneapolis to St. Paul
·         Welcome packets for all new St. Paul citizens
·         Co-create projects with partners from our local immigrant community and locally-based international non-profits
·         More members actively participate
·         More Rotarians have ability to travel overseas
A fundraising team meeting will take place during our regular meeting time at noon on Dec 4 at the M Street Café. Members who would like to help strategize fundraising ideas for the coming year that align with our new vision, - or, if you'd like to sign up for any of the other planning teams - please email John Chandler ( ) and Michael-jon Pease ( so they can reserve a big enough table!
A PR team meeting time will be sent out.
Jay Pfaender promoted next week’s meeting program by Chris Wright, CEO, MN United (and former Timberwolves CEP, so bring both soccer and basketball questions!)
The meeting was adjourned with the Four Way Test.
Respectfully submitted,
Michael-jon Pease, President-Elect
NOVEMBER 6, 2018 PROGRAM: Club Discussion, Visioning Part III
The Club will receive an update on Visioning items from the October 22nd session along with information about the next steps. During this meeting , we will also do Visioning exercises to discuss a few topics that were not covered on the 22nd. Come share your voice!
OCTOBER 30, 2018 ROTARY IN REVIEW: Northern Star Scouting at Base Camp


Club 10 Members toured Base Camp today for Rotation Day, which harks back to the early days of Rotary when members took turns hosting meetings at their place of business — at Northern Star Scouting.

OCTOBER 30, 2018 ROTARY IN REVIEW: Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library

At the second Rotation Day location, Friends President Beth Burns provided an overview of the Saint Paul Public Library, with particular attention to the programs and services that help Rondo Library thrive as one of the busiest and most vibrant libraries in the system. Rondo Branch Manager Rebecca Ryan provided a tour of the library for guests after the program ended. — with Jay Pfaender and Beth Burns at Rondo Public Library

OCTOBER 23, 2018 ROTARY IN REVIEW: Chuck Standfuss

October is Cybersecurity Awareness month. Club 10 Board Secretary Chuck Standfuss addressed the Tuesday luncheon to share tips and the latest in best practices from his work at Protocol 46 Inc., a Saint Paul cybersecurity firm, to help ensure that Rotarians, their family members and employees, do not become victims of cybercrimes. Even passwords should be treated “like your underwear...”

Club 10 Business Report
President John Chandler rang the bell to bring the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. on a cloudy fall day in River City. A musical instrument was not available today, so President John led the assemblage in The Pledge of Allegiance. Bob Cardinal provided today's Inspirational Minute (“Today is a gift, that is why it is called The Present”). President-elect Michael-jon Pease facilitated the introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests of Visiting Rotarians. Today's greeter was Dave Dominick.
In his remarks, President John called attention to World Polio Day on Wednesday October 24th. He reminded the assembled Rotarians that next week is Rotation Day. All are encouraged to register online to visit one of the three host sites. He then asked past-President Jay Pfaender to come forward and introduce today’s speaker, your Scribe and Board Secretary, Chuck Standfuss of Saint Paul cybersecurity firm Protocol 46 Inc.
My topic was “Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Treat Your Passwords Like Your Underwear.” Rather than speak from the podium, I engaged the audience in a 20-minute participation event that brought out audience interests in more secure cyber experiences. Regarding treating passwords as “underwear,” I asked the Rotarians what they thought this meant? Rotarian Bill Given offered (tongue-firmly-in-cheek) that this meant “use them over and over!” to the delight of the audience. Does it mean to leave them exposed? No. The heart of the answer is to CHANGE THEM OFTEN! We then discussed good password practices with the audience. Michael-jon Pease was kind enough to share the conventions he uses to develop personal passwords (letter/number combinations). A good personal standard would be to consider changing important personal passwords at least every thirty days. The adoption of an inexpensive “Password Manager” might also be a good idea (low cost; remember one Master password). Another idea: instead of a word or word/number combo, adopt a phrase that is meaningful to you and known only to you (drop spaces between words). Do not write your passwords down where they can be discovered, in particular, do not put them on a sticky note on the back of your computer screen or keyboard.
Next security level: Two-Factor Authentication (thank you, past-President Dan McKeown, for raising the topic at this point). This method of security adds a second level to password protection plus a “something else” second way to access your device. If you have not authorized Two-Factor Authentication, and you commonly have a second device with you (e.g. a phone) when you access your main computer, this may be a security tool you may wish to explore.
An audience member was willing to discuss his experience with Ransomware that personally cost him $10,000. This led to a brief discussion of “phishing” emails and the importance of not “clicking” on links from unfamiliar sources. I also shared via handouts on the tables the “20 Critical Controls” recommended for businesses by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) (available at Protocol 46 Inc.). Needless to say, although many good protective tips for consumers and businesses were shared, only the surface of cyber protection could be touched in the available twenty minutes. President John returned to the stage to let me know my time was up.
Lindsay Moser was requested to the dais for the introduction of new member Jeff Baidoo from the Minnesota Wild organization. Jeff is a Canadian citizen. He hopes to attain dual citizenship in 2020. Laurie Murphy was our “Get to Know Your Rotarian” for this week. Laurie hails from Murphy Warehouse Company, of course.
Brianna Vujovich and past-President Dan McKeown then came forward to kick-off Foundation Month. Today donation forms for the Rotary International Foundation were provided on each of the tables. In two weeks (after Rotation Day) the focus will be on the Saint Paul Rotary Foundation. That will be Elmer Andersen Day. Brianna provided a general outline of what to expect during Foundation Month. She encouraged all Rotarians to participate in these foundation donation opportunities as the great “selfless acts” that give Rotarians “something greater than yourself.” The presentation ended with the playing of the “World Polio Day” video.
Deb Katzmark rose to promote the Club 10 Holiday Party. Auction items are needed. Deb offered several suggestions. The party is December 6th. The Committee is working hard and certainly deserves to see a strong turnout. President John announced that Minneapolis Club 9 has accepted our extended invitation to attend the Club 10 Holiday Party. A few moments were allowed to collect Happy Dollars.
President John thanked me for my presentation and presented me with a Club 10 recognition certificate and noted that a donation would be made in my name to the Saint Paul Public Library's "Reading Together" program. I was also presented with a Rotary coin inscribed with the Rotary "Four-Way Test." President John then led those assembled in a recitation of the Four-Way Test ("Is it the Truth? Is it Fair to all concerned? Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships? Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?"). President John then displayed the slide on the screen displaying upcoming Rotary events for all to see and take note. He then rang the bell to close the meeting at 1:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,





Chuck Standfuss

REGISTER NOW: Be the Holiday Inspiration Gala and & Silent Auction

We’re excited to announce that this year’s Be the Holiday Inspiration Gala and & Silent Auction will be co-hosted with the Rotary Club of Minneapolis (Club 9).  With that, our newest Auction Item is “Seven Nights in Mexico at the Casa Sirena Bed & Breakfast Hotel.”  We hope you can join us - it's sure to be a fun night!  

Call for Auction Items
Please consider donating to our silent auction -- our success depends on you. Proceeds of the auction benefit both clubs’ foundations. If you have an item to donate, please contact Deb Katzmark at 651-334-8073.

The festivities will be held from 6 - 9:00 PM at the InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront.  Tickets are $65/person. 

Click here to register:

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