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MAY 14, 2019 PROGRAM:  Hope in Action
Halgan Abraham Khayr, originally from Somalia, will share his story as a polio survivor, refugee, and advocate for disabled people all over the world.

Halgan will speak about the importance of the continued efforts of Rotary to eradicate polio - we are so close to the goal.

The American Disabilities Act has profoundly affected his life by allowing him basic human rights and as he states "by eliminating the barrier we eliminate the disability."

The Rajoqab Foundation - Hope in Action - is the organization he currently represents to continue to improve the lives of those with disabilities. 
MAY 7, 2019 ROTARY IN REVIEW: Club Conversation - Visioning

Bo Aylan filled in for President John Chandler today. Ian Black is our Student who is going to Nagasaki Japan this August. He and his mom, Beth Black, were introduced by Linda Mulhern.  Ian gave a little background on his life and thanked us for sponsoring him.  David Laird gave the introductions of visitors and guests and visiting Rotarians.   Doug Hartford played the piano beautifully. Laurie Murphy was scribe and Scott Van was the greeter. Brianna Vujovich presented a multi level Paul Harris pin to Segundo Velasquez. He was rather surprised!  Dan McKeown presented Jason DeKeuster with a multi level Elmer Anderson pin.  Congrats to both.

Sherry Howe was our Rotarian on the board that we learned more about, but we all know her as she was our Secretary for 27 years!  She hates to cook, but we did learn that she is famous for her lasagna, for which she takes her pan to a restaurant and they fill it up. Her best rotary moment was her retirement party at Dick and Nancy Nicolson’s house. 

Two new Rotarians were introduced: Sherry Howe introduced Judy Pearce, who has the distinction of being involved in a sting operation in Wisconsin, and brought down the largest escort service!  She is an HR consultant and attorney—providing soup to nuts HR.  Jason DeKeuster introduced Kathy Bjerke. She is a former Rotarian and is happy to join our club. She is involved in the community and is with Western Bank.

The May 14 speaker was talked about by Jay: he is Halgan Abraham Khayr; a polio survivor, is a supporter of the American with Disabilities Act, and lived most of his life in a refugee camp. Should be fascinating. May 18 is the St Cloud Regional Membership Meeting.

Michael-jon Pease presented the completed Mission, Vision and Values statement.  We had to cut out the word to make it easier to say.  He stated that we have gained 12 new members, but need to work on getting to 200 by 2024. Then we broke into discussions by table.

Dr. Ken Crabbe told us about the need for an Ultrasound machine in the village in Rwanda and asked for our support.  Frances Luikart and Segundo Velasquez gave an update on the 2007 water project in Bolivia. It’s doing extremely well.

Bo then called for an adjournment.


Respectfully submitted,







Laurie Murphy

MEMBERSHIP ACTION:Application for Active Membership

The board of directors has approved the following for  Membership. If no written objection stating reasons is received by the board from any member of the club within 10 days following publication of the name, the prospective member shall be considered to be elected to membership.

Name: David Kline
Title: Executive Director
Proposed by: Donovan Schwichtenberg
Classification: Education - Technical College

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