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JULY 31, 2018 PROGRAM: 30 Days Foundation
Mick Sterling is a Mid-West and Minnesota Music Hall of Fame musician and founder of the 30 Days Foundation. The 30-Days Foundation assists people in real-life financial crisis with a one-time financial grant. Sterling will talk about the Foundation and his commitment to serving others in our community.
JULY 24, 2018 ROTARY IN REVIEW:  John Andrews
At 12:16 pm on June 24th, President John Chandler called the meeting to order at the Intercontinental Hotel. Jim Kosmo led the group in song (but not too close to the microphone) with America the Beautiful. Doug Hartford accompanied at the piano. Laurie Murphy provided the inspirational minute with a poem about friendship. Bill Collins introduced visiting Rotarians and guests at the meeting. Mike Burns was the greeter and Linda Mulhern, the scribe for this meeting.
Bill Collins was able to collect a few “Happy Dollars” from Rotarians including seven dollars from President John due to his son, Eli’s successful completion of 7 strike-outs during 2 innings while playing ball.  A number of announcements were made for upcoming events, including the Baskerville Sherlock Holmes play at the Park Square Theater as a Rotary fund raiser and the Tap Room Tour at Flat Earth Brewing both on August 2nd, so please consider attending both! There will also be a Polio Plus fundraiser at Canterbury Park with all ticket proceeds going toward the elimination of polio, please go to the district 5960 website for more information about registration.

Jim Kosmo spoke about the Rondo project and it looks like the club was able to collect enough donations to have a sizeable impact in the purchase of a church near the new park recently dedicated in the old Rondo neighborhood at Fisk and Concordia.
Becca Narvaez gave a short introduction speech about herself. She will be going to a town near Barcelona Spain as a Rotary Youth Exchange student for the 2018-19 school year. She is fluent in Spanish and attended Adams Spanish Immersion and Highland Middle and Senior High Schools. She is hoping to learn Catalan which is a dialect in the area. She hopes to travel while there and learn more about Spain. President John presented a Club #10 banner for her to take to her host club in Spain.  
Jay Pfaender talked about the upcoming speakers which include Mick Sterling of Mid-West and Minnesota Music Hall of Fame on July 31st and Thomas Devine will speak on August 14th about the Manhattan Project during World War II.
John Overland introduced John Andrews, an Eagle Scout, 23 year long St Paul Rotarian and the Executive Director of the Boys Scouts in the Twin Cities.
The Boy Scouts moved to Base Camp at Fort Snelling last week and opened the doors on Monday, July 23rd. The Boy Scouts will no longer have an “office building” location and the vision statement is “Moving Fast”. Currently 8 camps are in use and kids will be attending the Base Camp on a daily basis. The Boy Scout organization and Rotary are interchangeable. James West, the first leader and Paul Harris were friends and found it beneficial to have local Rotary clubs sponsor a Boy Scout council. As many might know the St Paul Rotary club purchased a camp in 1923 for the Boy Scouts. Officially the first scout camp was actually located at the “Base Camp” at Fort Snelling and the same building was used then. 
The existing building along with six acres was purchased in 2007 (built in 1907) from the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. The building had been abandoned for over 20 years. The “Drill Hall” building was able to be saved and it is listed as one of the National Historic Buildings. Team building is taught in this building. The new building has 42,000 square feet and is a complimentary building to the Drill Hall, it cannot mimic the architecture of the Drill Hall due to federal standards. Individual leadership will be taught in this building. The expectation will be that 100,000+ people will be served in both buildings annually. The Sommers/Huling endowment will be used to maintain the buildings in the future.
The Boy Scouts have had a number of “bases” over the years including the Pioneer Building, Capitol Building, the Minnesota Building and finally “up on the hill”, prior to moving to Fort Snelling. A number of changes have also occurred with the local council. In 2000, it was decided that it would allow anyone to help guide boys and sexual orientation was not part of the discussion. Later in 2007, the Viking (Minneapolis) and Indianhead (St Paul) councils were combined. In 2015, Base Camp at Fort Snelling became the priority and in 2018, family strategy became the focus. The Boy Scouts are no longer an exclusive membership. They wanted to increase visibility to many non-scouting participants. Girls have been involved with the BSA since 1971, yet it needs to be noted that the United States is the only country in which boy scouts and girl scouts are separated. The change is dictated by the marketplace for a family market in regards to scouting. Within the boy scouts around 45% of the employees are female. Equity is important to the BSA in particular with family camps. The value proposition is family oriented, sustainability and the increasing numbers of families participating in scouting. The BSA are able to retain 75% of its members on an annual basis and we have the largest camping tradition in the country.
Leadership is important for all members and “learning by doing” is the best method. It requires individuals to do more than telling others what to do while also participating. Youth learn from the experience of the relationships gained as well as participation is needed to become an effective leader versus the classroom model where they can only visualize. The new base camp will help to increase these opportunities for both members and non-members with various activities as well as participation as a scout, a member of Venturing crew or the Explorer posts in the area.
President John presented a certificate to John Andrews donating money to the Read for Me program in his name as a speaker to the club. The club membership recited the “Four Way Test” and the meeting was adjourned at 1:14 pm.

Respectfully submitted,






Linda Mulhern


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