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Rotary Happy Hour at Summit
Summit Brewing Co.
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Camp Bar Fellowship
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FEBRUARY 12, 2019 PROGRAM: Club Conversation - Service Projects (offsite at the DoubleTree)
Join your fellow members in a Club Conversation about service projects on February 12th!
Learn about the Club's efforts and rich tradition in the Five Avenues of Service and help shape the future of the Club's service projects.
FEBRUARY 5, 2019 ROTARY IN REVIEW:  RI President-elect Mark Maloney
At 12:00 pm on February 5th, President John Chandler called the meeting to order at the Intercontinental Hotel. President John spoke about ten years ago when Rotary Clubs #9 and #10 resumed their joint meetings on an annual basis. 

Jireh Mabamba, shared the thought of the day to follow your heart with your inspirations and also led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. President John led the group with the Rotary 4-Way Test and introduced the Mayor of Saint Paul, Melvin Carter.

Mayor Carter wanted to welcome Rotary President-Elect Mark Maloney to St Paul and hoping that we had some Southern Hospitality to share at the meeting, including our -60 F wind chill last week. Saint Paul is a city committed to service and a city that works for all of us, including a $15 minimum wage, college savings plan to be implemented for students, affordable housing and the ability for all to find prosperity. 
Michael-jon Pease asked people to stand when called, including Mark Maloney and Jerry Meigs, along with both current district governors, past district governors, future district governors, all Rotarians and their guests

Melody Hach, the president of Minneapolis #9, introduced everyone to the work done by the club, including helping farmers in Ecuador planting sustainable crops rather than flowers, helping with education in South Africa, educating girls about water hygiene in Sudan, informing people about eliminating sex trafficking locally, supporting the Hiawatha Academy and providing dictionaries for 3rd graders. 
President John thanked both club administrators, Jodi and Sybylla for their help along with his wife Pam. Club #10 was able to show off the Cathedral with help of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul. Marvin Anderson gave a tour of the grounds and building as part of the Rondo Center for Diverse Expression. The Saint Paul club has been busy with a new board structure, visioning, retreats, collaborations with Club #9 and rewriting bylaws.
We celebrated the 99th birthday of Claude Hone a member of Club #10, with a few members in fireman’s attire due to the candles! 
Mark Maloney was given a certificate of appreciation for joining us at our joint club meeting today and a donation will be made on his behalf for the St Paul Library reading programs. 
Brianna Vujovich talked about the Club #10 recent fund raiser in November during Foundation month that raised over $12,000. A number of Paul Harris awards were distributed to Ann, Megan, Heidi, James, Jason, John, Laura, Marvin, Michael, Michael-jon, Chuck, Pam, Paul and Susan. Ongoing Paul Harris donations were noted for Bill, Brianna, Susan, Chuck, Scott, Jim, Clyde, Jim and Jerry. Al Zdrazil was also congratulated as a major donor. 
Ashley Gullickson noted the Paul Harris recipients from Club #10 included Ivory, Ted, Fred, Bob, Rick, Clint, Hal, Mary Ann, John, Jeff and Pat. Ongoing Paul Harris donations included John and Rick. Nine new members have joined the club since July.
President John introduced Mark Maloney, from Decatur Alabama, the President-Elect of Rotary International. He has been a Rotary member since 1980, District governor, member of the Board of Directors, Vice Chairman of Legislation along with multiple awards. Mark and wife, Gay are both Paul Harris recipients. They have 2 daughters and 2 grandsons. Mark noted that there is only a day difference in the two clubs joining Rotary International in February 1910 and noted that St Paul likes to consider itself a perfect “10”. Mark remarked that the definition of a snow flurry in Saint Paul is considered a blizzard in Alabama.  He said that the temperature at 5 F was cold and he was asked to tour the outdoor plaza at Rondo with a couple of Rotarians holding him up due to the ice was nice, but that we had to be a little crazy due to the cold and wind chill to show him things outside…he will come back at a better time of year to admire our contribution to the Rondo neighborhood.
Mark talked about the new theme for the upcoming year will be “Rotary connects the world”. He noted that the connection of three groups achieved the purchase of the Rondo Center, which included Club #10. It started with business and community leaders working together in achieving the goal. He mentioned Jim Hart and Jim Kosmo were integral in the project. Mark’s goal for the upcoming year will be to grow Rotary and its impact with service and membership so we can achieve more. We need to reach out to all communities to work together and try to organize new clubs. The club may meet in a different way over drinks versus a meal, but for people to connect and implement service in the community. He would like to see Rotary as a social network, so we can accomplish more in the world. 
Upcoming events in Minneapolis include a stop at Wooden Hill Brewing, the 2/15 meeting with Dr Robin Martin, CDC director working on eliminating polio and the 2/22 meeting will include Will Steger, the Arctic explorer. In St Paul, we will have the Minnesota Wild hockey game on 2/24 at 7 pm.

Steve Gerber talked about Camp RYLA from April 12-16th and asked for any volunteers that would like to see youth leadership at work. 
Also noted today is Chinese New Year, the year of the Pig and any donations added to the 3 pink pigs, will be sent to Polio Plus.
The meeting was adjourned at 1 pm. Be the inspiration!

Respectfully submitted,






Linda Mulhern


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