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Happy Birthday!
Member Birthdays
Sarah Kolar
October 7
Mindee Kastelic
October 10
Litton Field
October 17
V. Francis Luikart II
October 20
John Guthmann
October 21
Dion Powers
October 22
SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 PROGRAM: Padelford Outing & Club Photo

COME ABOARD! St. Paul Rotary's next meeting will be a lunch cruise on the Mighty Mississippi River. We'll also be taking an official Club 10 group photo.

Club 10 Photo Details

  • Boarding begins at 11:30 AM
  • Group Photo will be taken at 11:45 AM
  • The photographer will be available to take additional photos upon request with no shoot fee, only print fees

Meeting Details

  • This is a regular Rotary meeting so there is no added charge for lunch (cash bar)
  • Free Parking at the Padelford Landing in Harriet Island Park, just across the Wabasha St. Bridge
  • Pre-registration is not required, but helpful 
  • Guests are welcome!
SEPTEMBER 18th, 2018: ROTARY IN REVIEW: Mike Becker, DG

It was a momentous meeting as Michael-jon Pease was unveiled as our new President-Elect and District Governor Mike Becker revealed that Club 10's reputation is as "the old man's club." A gauntlet thrown that also included a helping hand from the District which has moved to a team model with a new public image team and budget to partner with. Read on to see how you can make a difference!

President John Chandler called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. Original acoustic music was provided by Bill Givens on guitar, Joe Kvarik on ukulele and Ed Coleman on drums.
Song leader Susan O’Neil led members in a rousing rendition of “When the Guv Goes Marching In” to welcome our Rotary District Governor, Mike Becker.
Laurie Murphy led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance and offered up a moment of silence for the victims of Hurricane Florence.
Scott Van reported that with only half of our total order sold, Rose Sale orders are still being accepted!
Linda Mulhern introduced visiting Rotarians (Ann Frisch, now of the White Bear Lake Club, but a former St Paul member) and Rotarians with guests.
She also collected Happy Dollars from:
  • Dick Nicholson – gave $1,000 as thanks for the Rotary inspired ashtray given to him by Gwen Crabb
  • Michael-jon Pease – to celebrate the opening of Park Square’s 44th season under the new leadership of Artistic Director Flordelino Lagundino
  • Francis Luikheart II – in honor of his daughter at med school and his upcoming Rotary service trip to Bolivia
  • Dan McKeown – in honor of the $30,000 raised from St Paul Rotarians for the new Rondo Community Center (the club’s foundation will make up the difference to our $50,000 club goal)
  • Bill Givens – in memory of his late father and in honor of being a 3rd generation Rotarian
President’s Remarks:
Thanks to today’s greeter, Ken Schaefer
Don’t forget to “Sink the Ship!” next Tuesday when we meet at the Padelford for our club photo. Wear something marvelous!
Rotary Board recap:
  • Budget approval tabled another month
  • Looking for a new meeting venue
  • Depending on venue costs, there may be a slight membership fee increase as there hasn’t been one for several years
  • Stay tuned: Exciting membership and PR proposals to be announced
  • Our new President-Elect, Michael-jon Pease, was announced.
Get to know your Rotarians – Michael-jon Pease
Rotarian and a member of this club since 2011.
Favorite Rotary memory was in 2012 when my husband Christopher was president elect of the Minneapolis University Rotary Club and we went to the RI convention in Bangkok.
One of the entertainment options was to see Siam Niramit, a dance and music spectacle that told the history of Thailand on the world's largest stage. The edge of the stage was a river deep enough for performers to dive into from a man-made cliff and the opening number included a procession of elephants down the main aisle of the auditorium!
My husband was the first openly gay president of an American club according to Rotary International's records. (In 2012!) I'm teed up to become the 110th president of our club and like so many of my predecessors I am a privileged, white, middle-aged male. One thing you don't know about me is the price I paid for being "different."
As an easy target, I was bullied through all of my school years and in college my freshman roommates bullied, beat me, and eventually raped me to punish me for who I am. I want to say to the women, people of color and to my fellow survivors of sexual violence in the room, such as our courageous past president Captain Jim Kosmo, I see you. I know how hot the fire was that forged your resilience.
Rotary is more than lunch with community leaders. It is an international movement for change that takes on hard issues in order to make this world better for all of us.
The family motto of my Scottish ancestors is "Je suis pret” -  "I am ready." For 1,000 years, the motto of the Pease family has been "pax et spes" - "peace and hope."
Those of you who know me know that I am ready to continue the fun and fellowship of this club. But I'm also ready, in a spirit of peace and hope, to lead this club into a future where every kind of Rotarian is welcome and encouraged to make change and be the inspiration.
Rotary membership milestones and birthdays
Chuck Roach took the cake (or cupcake as it were) as one of the two longest serving members of our club (41 years) also celebrating a birthday!
New Member Introduction: Shari Clifford, Fiduciary Counseling. Welcome Shari, who made the wise decision after 17 years in Stillwater to move to Saint Paul!
Paul Harris Fellow Presentation
Paul Harris Fellowships, named for Rotary’s founder, are awarded to Rotarians who have donated (or had donated in their name) $1,000 to the RI Foundation. Today’s honoree was four-time fellow Chuck Roach (more applause and cupcakes!)
Brianna Vujovich, who first joined Rotaract in 2002 and later became a full-fledged Rotarian, presented a new-to-us idea from her former Rotary Club in Superior of holding a live auction to raise the funds to turn a new member’s first $100 gift into a Paul Harris Fellowship. Get ready for this fun way to raise money for the foundation and welcome new members during November, which is Foundation Month.
Program: District Governor Mike Becker from Rochester
Mike was introduced by Assistant District Governor John Healy from the St. Paul Sunrise Club. In addition to his many business and Rotary credentials, Mike is an avid foster parent (he and his wife have fostered 82 children and been recognized as Foster Parents of the Year!), dad and grandfather 10 times over (all under 10!) He loves fun and flashy fashion, but was dressed in a more subdued grey suite for today’s august proceedings.
There’s no way to be “Mr. Rotary”
There’s simply too much to know to become an expert. Mike has chosen “Rotary” itself as his special district focus (along with FUN). We hear all year long from great speakers from other organizations, but don’t spend enough time in our clubs talking about Rotary itself, our great programs, and we all need to be a little less humble and brag about our accomplishments.
St Paul has a bad rep as the “old man’s club”
That is the word on the street in the District. Nothing like a challenge, my friends! Mike sees value in our long and brilliant history, and is leading the District office to reach out and help us regrow our membership and burnish our reputation.
Membership world-wide is stagnant, the District is growing, St Paul is shrinking
  • Retention is the name of the game, with most 2-4 year members dropping out because they need to be involved, not oriented. Rotary maintains 1.2 million members, but has recruited 1.2 million new members in the last seven years.
  • Metro clubs face a shifting demographic of people too busy to commit, fewer of whom work in the downtown core.
  • Clubs in small towns in the district are growing rapidly by partnering with other service clubs like Lions and Kiwanis, often converting those members while accomplishing more
  • Mike is impressed with our vision statement, our history and projects
  • It’s important first to ask WHY we do something, and then explore HOW we should do it NOW, not how it was done in the past.
District vison and values
  • The district’s #1 value is FUN
  • #2 is SERVICE. (There was hot debate about which one should be first.)
  • There is a new public image team and budget (which might support our club’s developing PR initiatives)
Respectfully submitted,
Michael-jon Pease, President-Elect


SEPTEMBER 11, 2018 ROTARY IN REVIEW:  David Therkelsen

At 12:15 pm on September 11th, President John Chandler called the meeting to order at the Intercontinental Hotel. Susan O’Neil led the group with “Taps” given that today is the 17th anniversary of the tragic events in New York City, Washington DC and Shanksville, PA. Bill Given was prepared to accompany the group on the piano, but it was not working today. Laurie Murphy provided the inspirational minute with the Pledge of Allegiance and a poem about events on 9/11. Scott Van introduced visiting Rotarians and guests at the meeting. James Grayson was the greeter and Linda Mulhern, the scribe for this meeting.

A number of announcements were made for upcoming events, including the Rotary Happy Hour at Summit Brewery on 9/13 between 4-7 pm, the September 25th meeting for our official club photo, the Rotary Foundation get together on November 10th at the Inwood Oaks Event Center and last of all, the Rose sale, which will close this week and paperwork needs to go to Jodi. Please sell roses to friends and co-workers at $20 a dozen. The roses will be delivered on 9/27 to the Van warehouse and the club will need help with deliveries on that day as well. Contact Valdi Stefanson for information if you can help with rose deliveries. The money raised goes to many of our projects including Camp RYLA, Youth Exchange, the Education Award to middle school students and the flower gardens.

There were many happy dollars collected including Bill Collins who realized recently that both an aunt and uncle had had polio and the power of Rotary to try to eliminate the disease, Carla Hauge talked about all of the well wishes for her father after his recent surgery and cancer treatment and John Chandler who got lost in the BWCA, survived behind the wheel with his son, watched the US Open and ate too much at the State Fair.

Jim Kosmo introduced Dave Therkelsen. He has known Dave for many years as a reporter and with the Red Cross (and as a former St Paul Rotarian). Jay Pfaender invited him to speak about the survival of the United Way based on a recent article in the press.

Dave spoke about the idea of a federated giving and the United Way as a great idea in the twentieth century. It was an idea that employers could give the option to employees to give a little with every paycheck. Charitable giving would allow non-profits to put their attention on their mission rather than fund raising and the United Way would evaluate the accomplishments for those groups receiving funding. At its peak, United Way was able to raise 4 billion dollars nationally and 102 million locally in the Twin Cities. Changes have occurred over the last 40 years though. Individuals could direct their contributions to a specific group rather than to the community as a whole, the large and medium employers are not participating as much and have also let other groups ask for donations from their employees and many of businesses that were downtown have gone elsewhere.

As can be noted income growth did not occur and more people have held back money to keep up with the lack of growth in wages. Corporate leaders were not as involved as well and the internet has provided opportunities for individuals to make contributions to specialized groups.

Approximately $400 billion is donated annually. Dave wanted to point out that people need to look at realistic goals for non-profits. He asked that we not look at how small the overhead is, if the organization is starving itself to be effective. The infrastructure is important to any non-profit organization. He used the Red Cross as a good example because through the hospital paid fees for blood, they can conduit effective training; they are able to track blood products and the results, all with safety in mind. He said that any non-profit should consider working with a $10 million operating budget to be effective. The results are most important, not how low the overhead is for the group.

The United Way along with any non-profit will need to adapt as well as plan to be successful in the future.

President John presented a certificate to Dave Therkelsen donating money to the Read for Me program in his name as a speaker to the club. The club membership recited the “Four Way Test” and the meeting was adjourned at 1:12 pm.

Respectfully submitted,






Linda Mulhern

Application for Active Membership

The board of directors has approved the following for membership.

If no written objection stating reasons is received by the board from any member of the club within 10 days following publication of the name, the prospective members shall be considered to be elected to membership.


Name: Jeffrey Baidoo
Title: Account Executive – Fan Relations
Organization: Minnesota Wild
Proposed by: Lindsay Weier
Name: David Wolfgram
Title: Office Manager
Organization: Terracon Consultants
Classification: “Banking-Services”
Proposed by: Ken Crabb

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