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Today’s meeting was our annual gathering with the energetic high school leaders who have been at Camp RYLA all weekend. The room was abuzz with energy between the presentations of the “Ryalrians” and the hotel crew rushing to set up more tables – 24 in all – to get everyone seated. A great turn out!

President Jerry Faletti called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.

Fatima Cole (RYLA) led the National Anthem with Bob Jones on the keyboard.

Bonnie Taylor delivered the inspirational minute.

Our RYLA emcees for the afternoon were Bennet Oelkers and Jillian Seeger, who were naturals at the podium. They introduced guests and visiting Rotarians.

Many of their fellow Rylarians were in fashion mode, from fashionable skirts, to bow ties, suits and even a few pork pie hats. Ah youth!

Today’s greeters were Lloyd Stern and Cindy Shiely, both from US Bank. It was nice to see Sherry Howe, Intercontinental St Paul Riverfont, back at the registration table assisting Jodi for this big meeting.

Michael-jon Pease, Park Square Theatre, was your faithful scribe.

Next week’s program will be Art Rolnick, former Mpls Federal Reserve researcher, presenting on early childhood development and the Governor’s proposal to fund pre-school education.

Jason Dekeuster, Northern Prairie Financial, introduced our program, delivered by the team leaders from each of the RYLA camper teams.
Each team made itself known by shouting their team cheer and explaining their nickname/tagline, such as the Purple (Reign) Team and the Blue Team Care Bears (stuffed with love, respect and teamwork!) and the Lemon Aces. They shared memories of grilled cheese and tomato soup, daring team building on the High Ropes course, exercises like communicating while blindfolded and many thought of “What did I get myself into?” In the end, introverts were drawn out, safe space was created for sharing each other’s stories, and the leadership exercises turned strangers into creative, high functioning teams.
Some of the big moments from Camp included:
RYLA Action Groups
This component was developed two years to connect the campers to identify issues in the broader community and inspire both group and personal action to address those issues. This exercise puts the idea of Rotary service into the campers heads and hearts.
This year’s action groups were built around Racism, Bullying and Mental Health (they were taking on the small matters of life!). Each team had to work together to identify the causes of their issue, and short- and long-term actions they could take to address the issue. Each group then presented to the whole camp what they came up with.
The group working on Mental Health shared with our club that one of the causes of misunderstanding and prejudice they identified was the way actual diagnoses have crept into everyday life, such as “that’s so OCD.” Turning mental health diagnoses into slang minimizes and stigmatizes the actual conditions and those who suffer from them. One of their short-term actions was for each camper to learn the actual definitions of the conditions they treat as slang expressions to gain greater understanding and empathy. A long-term action was for each camper to stop their friends and family when they use a diagnosis as slang or a slur and tell them why speaking that way is hurtful.
The Racism Action Group shared their definition of racial equity with the camp, as well as exploring the difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation, which led to great discussions about how to identify and address common issues that create a lack of equity.
The Bullying Action Group identified that bullies are often seeking attention and/or power in a group dynamic. They shared short-term ways to be an upstander (rather than a silent bystander) when bullying occurs and long-term ways to help both the bully and the victim find they help they need.
The project had the teams in charge of solving big problems at a fictional high school – from the budget to behavior. While there was more than one “meltdown” at the scope and difficulty of this project, it was a true test of leadership and the teams emerged victorious after their almost sleepless night of trying to get their projects done.
A common theme through all the projects that came through loud and clear on this one was “one of us is not as smart as all of us.”
Feed My Starving Children
The annual RYLA packing event helped turn “disorganized teens into food packing machines.” The campers packed 47,450 meals and were visibly proud that their efforts would feed so many children all year long in Columbia. Connecting them to international service is a key Rotary goal of the camp.
At the close of the program, 11-year RYLA volunteer Jason DeKeuster and his trust comrade in arms, Brianna Vujovich received special awards and applause from the Ryalrians. Jason recognized the Rotary volunteers, adult and junior counselors. He also got a strong show of hands from campers interested in returning next year as junior counselors.
It takes a village and our Rotary Club can be proud of the village of emerging leaders we help create year after year at RYLA.
President Faletti closed the meeting with the recitation of the Four Way Test.
Respectfully submitted,
Michael-jon Pease, Park Square Theatre
Camp RYLA Participants

Camp RYLA participants will lead the meeting and share their camp experiences. Friends, family and guests are welcome. The lunch fee for visitors is $25.00.  Reminder, we are meeting at the InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront (11 E Kellogg Blvd).

Camp RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is a five-day camp which strengthens leadership skills and capabilities of high school students through physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual challenges.  There is an emphasis on problem solving, teamwork, and interaction with other outstanding students and volunteer counselors and presenters. 


APRIL 21, 2018 ROTARY IN REVIEW:  Jack Van De North and Song Thao
“America the Beautiful” rang out as Dick Nicholson led the April 17th St. Paul Rotary Meeting’s opening song.  President Jerry Faletti welcomed everyone to the 41st meeting of the year.  Michael-Jon Pease shared timely passages from the production of “Diary of Anne Frank” in recognition of Ending Genocide Month in Minnesota.  Diary of Anne Frank is an annual tradition at St. Paul’s Park Square Theater, which is the longest running playhouse in Minnesota.
Thank you to meeting volunteers:  Dick Nicholson, Piano Player; Doug Hartford, Song Leader; Laurie Murphy, Introducing Guests; and new members Tally Venjohn and Shari Clifford were Greeters. Also, special thanks to Todd Nicholson for coordinating volunteers each week.
All members were invited to attend this week’s Conference of Clubs being hosted by Prior Lake.  All Rotary members are always invited and welcome to participate in any District, State or National Rotary convenings.  Visit to get connected and learn more about the resources and network that Rotary provides.
This Spring the Fellowship Team is coordinating several Happy Hour gatherings for Club Members and guests.  This replaces the Thursday a.m. fellowship breakfasts.  Members were invited to mark their calendars for April 19, May 3, May 17 and June 7th. See The Hub for the rotating community locations.
This is Camp RYLA weekend and our Club RYLA team leaders are ready for a full group of campers and counselors.  Members are encouraged to join in the fun Sunday morning by signing up or simply showing up for the FMSC pack.  Members who want to see more of the action and interact with the RYLA participants are welcome to plan a visit to the Camp.  See Jodi or The Hub for additional details.
President Faletti shared an opportunity to host a visiting Japanese teacher, July – November, 2018.  Connect with Jodi or Jerry for additional information if you or someone you know is interested in this unique hosting opportunity.
Happy Dollars were gathered by Bob Cardinal on a range of “good news” and “in the news” topics – Lindsay Whalen, trips to Tanzania and parents of RYLA campers. Jay Pfaender promoted upcoming speakers including Art Rolnick and next week’s RYLA program. Members were encouraged to invite guests.   Full information can be found at
Saint Paul Urban Tennis Board Chair Jack Van De North introduced members to the impressive 26-year history and passion behind SPUT.  More than a sports club, SPUT’s mission is service to the youth of St. Paul’s East Side.  In the East Side 40% of residents live below 150% of poverty and 42% of these are children.  SPUT is housed in the former Eastview Rec Center.  In addition to tennis lessons, leagues and clubs, SPUT runs the Warrior Leadership Academy.  WLA supports the development of youth through the development of 6 life skills.  Known as SPIRIT they are – Service, Perseverance, Integrity, Responsibility, Imagination, Teamwork. 
Song Thao, newly appointed President/CEO of SPUT and SPUT alumni, outlined the many ways SPUT impacts the lives of at-risk youth working as a partner with the city, the school district and the families and youth themselves.  SPUT both employs youth (over 70 of them) and engages youth as participants.  No child or family is ever denied access because of their ability to pay.  SPUT is proud to count among its “alumni” St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter.  Song shared his own story of success and the pivotal role SPUT played in his and his siblings lives. 
President Faletti thanked and congratulated our guests, noting the similarities of the 6 life skills with Rotary.  Appropriately, the meeting closed with the Rotary 4-way test.  See everyone next week when we host our 2018 Camp RYLA campers and counselors.  A not to be missed energy-infused annual tradition. 
P.S.  Want to be part of an upcoming meeting or program?  Contact Todd Nicholson to learn how to bring your talents to Rotary service. 
Respectfully Submitted,






Trixie Golberg
Triumph Electrical Services

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