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Happy Birthday!
Member Birthdays
Michael J. Burns
May 3
Jeffrey Baidoo
May 5
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May 5
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May 5
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May 7
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May 10
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May 14
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May 15
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May 18
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May 21
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May 29
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May 30
MAY 28, 2019:
No Meeting - Holiday
There will be no Club meeting on May 28thThe next Club meeting will be June 4th Club Conversation (offsite at the DoubleTree)
MAY 21, 2019 ROTARY IN REVIEW: Education Day
President John Chandler opened the meeting with a BIG hello to all the Middle School students gathered today for Education Day. It was wonderful to honor all the students there. Their young faces were so fresh and excited about the world to come.  Billy Given played the piano for us. Rita Dibble, from Metro State University, opened the meeting with an Inspirational Minute and the Pledge of Allegiance. President John led us in the 4-way test for all. Then we had introductions of guests and visiting Rotarians by Michael-jon Pease. Bob Cardinal, Rotary’s Education Day Chair, announced the Teacher of the Year, Andrea Ylonen from the Heights Community School, who was unable to attend. She teaches kindergarten and says to her students: “The more we practice the better we get.”
Next, President John thanked her principal for being with us.  Jim Kosmo introduced our Second Century Scholar, Antero Sivula, who will be our Rotary Exchange student to Brazil in the fall of 2019. He is going to Carlton College when he gets back. Then each table of students was introduced by school. We clapped in celebration for their parents and teachers.  Craig Morris from Metro State University spoke to the students about having Persistence and Resilience and said that their efforts were truly rewarded, but to keep pushing and think ahead to your future jobs. 
Richard Mack, the Counselor on Special Assignment LEAD – Middle School and Career Paths introduced Cedrick Baker, who is the Chief of Staff to Superintendent Gothard. Mr. Baker complimented the students and their parents and teachers.   He said they were already successful and that they had done something really big in middle school. Go hard and keep going was his message to all students.  Be the best of what you can be. 
President John adjourned the meeting at 1:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,







Laurie Murphy

MEMBERSHIP ACTION:Application for Active Membership

The board of directors has approved the following for  Membership. If no written objection stating reasons is received by the board from any member of the club within 10 days following publication of the name, the prospective member shall be considered to be elected to membership.

Name: Melissa Parker
Title: CEO
Organization: United Family Medicine
Proposed by: Kenneth Schaefer
Classification: Health Care-Public

Jeff Baidoo has been a part of the Minnesota Wild Sales and Service Department in April 2014. His sponsor is Lindsay Moser. Jeff earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources with an emphasis and supporting program in Communication Studies from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Baidoo later earned certifications from Sports Management Worldwide in Hockey General Manager and Scouting practices, Hockey Analytics and Sports Media Communications. Jeff currently serves on the Executive Board for a Minneapolis non-profit organization to connect, inspire and empower youth to be agents of change in their respective communities. He is also an ordained Minister, as well as a More-to-Life Mentor specializing in Personal/Professional development. The breadth and depth of Baidoo’s character and work ethic exemplify the Golden Rule in treating others the way he would like to be treated, especially when he works diligently to create a Greater State of Hockey supporting every facet of the true fan experience.
Baidoo was born in Edmonton, Alberta and lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba before making the State of Hockey his permanent home. He is a Waseca High School graduate that now resides in Maplewood, MN. Jeff is poised to become a Dual Citizen of Canada and the United States. We are so glad Jeff joined our club!
May 14, 2019 ROTARY IN REVIEW:  Abraham Khyar
At 12:15 pm on May 14th, President John Chandler called the Rotary meeting to order at the InterContinental Hotel. Paul Meekin gave the inspirational moment, “Don’t ask a mountain to move, just take a pebble when you visit” and “Healing depended on 10,000 kindnesses”. President John led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary 4 way test. The scribe was Linda Mulhern. Jeff Baidoo introduced guests and visiting Rotarians and Kathy Bjerke helped Jeff as a greeter. President John asked for a moment of silence due to the recent death of Bob Hanley. Both Milestones, ie length of time in the club and May birthdays were celebrated and the group sang “Happy Birthday” to the Rotarians in attendance with May birthdays.
Jay Pfaender introduced our speaker, Halgan “Abraham” Khayr, who is a survivor of polio. He came to this country via a refugee camp in Ethiopia. He was given a medical visa to come to the Chicago Shriner’s hospital. They were able to relocate his dislocated hip and he was given the resources needed to go to school at the University of Illinois. Robert Brown, a Rotarian in Illinois was his mentor and guardian. Robert was able to introduce Abraham to wheelchair basketball while studying at the university. Abraham became a strong advocate for all people dealing with disabilities and is very thankful that he came to the United States with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) which gives everyone the opportunity to achieve even if they have a disability. He said in the 3rd world, life opportunities are eliminated when disabled. Abraham has worked hard to ship used wheelchairs to both Ethiopia and Somalia. He wanted to thank the Rotarians for pursuing the Polio Plus campaign and noted that there were only 4 cases of polio diagnosed last year around the world…as we like to say, we are, “so close” to eliminating the disease!
Abraham was given a certificate of appreciation for speaking to the club and a donation will be made to Tree House.
Bill Collins introduced new member, Mary Knudsen. She is a real estate agent in the Highland Park area of St Paul. She has won the Coldwell Banker president award. Mary is very involved with various groups and even met her husband at an open house! They live in Mendota Heights and like to travel to exotic locations. Mary is a former member of the Eagan Rotary club and is a graduate of the University of St Thomas.
Michael-jon Pease introduced new member, Sue Katsiotis. She works at the University Club and loves to plan events for both members and their families at the University Club. She is a graduate of St Catherine’s university. Sue has been married for 30 years and loves to garden, read and travel.
Dan McKeown was able to give a multiple award Elmer L Anderson presentation to both Francis Luikart and Chuck Roach for their donations to the St Paul Foundation.
Dana Bruce reminded everyone of the new member orientation on Thursday, 5/16 at Summit Brewery starting at 4 pm as well as the St Cloud Rotary membership recruitment meeting on May 18th. Michael-jon Pease reminded everyone of the program on 5/19 at 1:30 pm to watch the film “Came to Testify”. Peggy Kuo, one of the judges will speak at Park Square Theatre about the experience of judging cases which include rape as a war crime. President John asked for 10 volunteers to help with Education Day next week and was able to get them in short order. We will be recognizing approximately 100 middle school students from the St Paul schools at the event.
We had a number of Happy Dollars this week, including Jerry Meigs with a new great grandson, Jim Kosmo reported that his daughter is currently cancer free to the disbelief of doctors, Aaron Gjerde talked about the upcoming film debut about the Hill district in St Paul that will also be broadcast on TPT, Chuck Roach was happy to have many volunteers to help push his troublesome car out of the indoor parking lot so it could be towed and finally, Carolyn Will reported that her daughter had been accepted to medical school in Detroit.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:14 pm.

Respectfully submitted,






Linda Mulhern


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