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Mar 27, 2018
Myths and Realities About Constitutional Protections for Women
Apr 03, 2018
Minnesota State Fair
Apr 10, 2018
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MARCH 13, 2018 PROGRAM: 
Marketing to Hispanic Americans
The Hispanic buying power in Minnesota is 10 Billion dollars. Nationally it's 1.2 Trillion Dollars. Is your business aware of the fastest growing market in the Country? Come and learn about this opportunity!
Richard Aguilar is President of Aguilar Productions, Inc. based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Aguilar Productions is the leader in promoting the Emerging markets to the Corporate Business Community. This year, Aguilar Productions is celebrating its 22nd year of producing marketing conferences and seminars focusing on the U.S. Hispanic American, Asian American, African American and U.S Emerging African markets.
MARCH 9, 2018 ROTARY IN REVIEW: Greg Brick
President Jerry Faletti, Lethert, Skwira, Schultz,  convened the meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel St. Paul. Doug Hartford provided the pre-meeting music and opening song lead by first time song leader, John Kupris. Bill Collins provided the day’s inspirational moment.  
Jacob Lacriox, lead introductions of guests and visiting Rotarians. President Jerry thanked meeting volunteers: Greeters  Deb Katzmark and Beth Burns and Scribe: Trixie Golberg. There is no Thursday morning fellowship group.  All members were invited to the New Member Reception on March 19 at the Intercontinental Hotel, Kellogg Room.
Jacob invited happy dollars. Members shared a variety of family and community news and Doug Hartford shared the FMSC truck purchased by our club has no been part of 80 million meals! Adding his own Happy Dollars, Jacob shared that Nancy Nicholson, wife of Dick Nicholson, is being recognized with United Health Foundation Humanitaran Award.  

Jay Pfaender introduced the program by prompting members to recall their own youthful "cave exploration" adventures. Subterranean St. Paul with guest speaker, author and geologist Greg Brick.  Greg's fascination with caves began in his youth and lead him to be exploring the many underground features of the St. Paul and Mississippi Valley area his whole life.  Cave exploration in St. Paul goes back 250 years to Carver's Cave with its subterranean lake.  St. Paul's most famous cave, Fountain Cave was discovered in 1817.  There are also host of sandstone caves within the Ford Parkway area. Many of the tunnels, some 30 miles long, that still exist were carved by hand with only an ax.

Greg shared examples of the various uses of our sandstone caves from refrigeration to beer laugering to European influenced mushroom growing and cheese processing, night clubs, civil defense to utility lines. There is a lot that we know about our caves and geology however it appears every 10 years or each generation rediscovers it and is amazed by it all over again.  

Unfortunately as the cave and tunnel systems have been blocked and abandoned they have become greater points of interests for adventure seekers and youth.  

President Jerry concluded the program by thanking Greg and presenting a certificate for the Read with Me Program.   He reminded members to mark their calendars for next week and for April 10 when St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter will be with us.   Members were asked to please pick up and return their Officer and Board ballots
Jerry thanked Jim, presenting a certificate of appreciation and invited members to share the Four Way Test.
Of the things we think, say or do:
  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? 
Respectfully Submitted,






Trixie Golberg, Club 10 Vice President


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