Posted by Jodi Erickson on Sep 26, 2017

Through working with leaders in our business community, Scott Burns sees a bright future for St. Paul. The action plan developed — Full Stack Saint Paul — outlines three main strategies to help the city expand innovation jobs and businesses: (1) raising awareness of St. Paul’s vibrant culture of innovation; (2) building and supporting the places and events where innovators connect; and (3) creating an ecosystem of office spaces that help innovation companies recruit and retain talent.

Through this plan, St. Paul is poised to attract additional outside capital, build on our vibrant business districts, and support more well-paying jobs. A major goal of the plan is to see 20 percent growth in technology jobs in St. Paul by 2020. If we can accomplish this, we will strengthen the job market in the city as a whole, grow the tax base we need to continue to invest in world-class schools and city services, and have additional impact because each new innovation job creates as many as three more spin-off jobs in other sectors.