Posted by Michael-jon Pease on Mar 16, 2020
Hello all,
First, I hope you are in good health, finding ways to breathe deeply and connect with what brings you joy during these tumultuous times.
Rotarians are leaders and people of action.
Our charge in this moment is to think ahead to what our community will need during this global pandemic. 
Past President Doug Hartford has already emailed me with ideas and the first $100 gift toward finding ways for us to safely volunteer in small numbers and address what will be a growing hunger problem.
Inspired by Doug -- and inspired every day by the work you do as part of our "team of superheroes" in Rotary, here is what I propose:
In line with the latest CDC guidelines around public gatherings, I am cancelling our weekly gatherings through the end of April.
I am further asking us to contribute the funds that would have gone toward our lunch expenses to Rotary International's Fast for Hope (global hunger relief) and Neighborhood House's food shelf (local hunger relief).
Next, I want to active our club network virtually to stay in touch, support each other and find ways to have impact on our global and local community in crisis.
I will work with our board of directors to create a weekly check-in by phone in order to stay in touch person to person. I envision these calls as a place to vent, brainstorm around solutions for work or family, and knowing you - great ways to serve our community will come forward as well.
With that in mind, I would like us to find ways for larger group conversations by Zoom, phone and video streaming. It is vital that we stay connected and forge ahead on our wonderful programs.If you can offer practical assistance or resources to further this vision, please step forward.
Please let me know if you have questions, concerns or ideas.
Thank you for all that you do. I know that you have many responsibilities to your family's health and well-being and unprecedented decisions to make at work.
It's time to put on our capes, support each other, and get to work for our global family.
110th President
St. Paul Rotary
PS You can create solutions today with your contribution to our local club foundation and to Rotary International.