Posted by Linda Mulhern on Oct 10, 2018
At 12:15 pm on October 9th, President John Chandler called the meeting to order at the Intercontinental Hotel. Laurie Murphy led the group in the Pledge of Alliance and a short reading. Dave Dominick introduced Ann as a soon to be Rotarian with the St Paul Rotary club. Linda Mulhern was the scribe for the meeting and Sherry Howe was able to greet and register members before and after the meeting.  John Chandler asked for a rose sale tally, but it wasn’t ready so hopefully we will have the information next week.

Bill Collins introduced himself and noted that he has been a Rotarian for 5 years. As an actor, he finds it interesting that the younger members have their script on their phones whereas he is used to practicing with an actual paper script. He owns the Camp Bar in St Paul and also a Chicago theater group. He also manages actors here locally. He and his partner are bee keepers and raise vegetables, but due to the late spring, the bees had to work a little harder this year to bring everything to fruition. One unknown note, his grandfather lost by one vote in the Illinois assembly to become the US senator for the state…was it fate or interesting politics in Illinois?
Micheal-jon Pease talked about the visionary questions at each of the tables and each table talked about what they thought was important for members as well as Rotarians.
Ideas noted include potentially making meetings an opportunity for a service project rather than always having a speaker, panel discussions, the opportunity to have meetings where members can talk to each other and learn about each other and still maintaining a presence downtown. Mentoring young adults to bring in younger members was also mentioned.
It was noted that next week’s speaker will be Robert Vince, a chemist who has worked on Alzheimer’s disease. It should be an interesting opportunity to learn more about his research with the disease. The next meeting will be at the DoubleTree Hotel.
The meeting was concluded at 1:10 pm.

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Linda Mulhern