Posted by Laurie M. Murphy on Oct 30, 2019
Thank you to Segundo Velasquez for the Inspirational moment and leading us in the 4-Way Test.
Don’t FORGET THE INFORMAL CLUB LUNCHEON ON Nov. 5th, per BILL COLLINS. Google is the topic, should be interesting.
Arnie Bockstruck passed away and a moment of silence was observed.   The October Birthdays were celebrated.  Jim Kosmo announced the St. Paul Rotary Century Scholar for 2019: Sivula Antero of Como Park High School and will be attending Carleton College. He updated us on the further accomplishments of some of the other Century Scholars Rotary supported. 2020 is the 10 year Anniversary of the Scholarship Program.
Al Zdrazil introduced the three guests from the St. Paul - Nagasaki Committee. We have been a Sister City for 65 years and a Sister Club for 45 years!  Al asked us all to see if we could get a lot of people to Nagasaki in 2020 for their big festival.  In 2012 we had a statue of the Peace Indian that sits in the St. Paul Government Center replicated (due to the kind donation of Dan McKeown) and sent to Nagasaki.  The Japanese Club members LOVE our Native American culture and symbols. The first two Totem Poles we sent over were made of wood and rotted out.  So Dan McKeown had a bronze sculpture made, hopefully that will not rot out! 

Nagasaki is in the lowest islands of southern Japan.  In 1600 the Samurai took over and closed the country to new groups people and westerners.   Mainly keeping out Protestant and Catholic missionaries that wanted to convert the people.  In 1596 the Japanese killed 23 missionaries.  In 1945 the US government dropped 2 atom bombs one in Hiroshima and the other Nagasaki.   Nagasaki was not the original city to have the Atomic bomb dropped on it.  It was the back-up city, as the original city was too hazy and cloudy so they dropped the bomb on Nagasaki.  Now Nagasaki is a modern city as it was before it was bombed in 1945. 

There is a Nagasaki Peace Park where our statue is placed.  We also have a street:  St. Paul Ave at the end of the Peace Park.  Club #10 has a very long history of exchange students with Nagasaki. We are the only Rotary Club that is allowed to pick our exchange students and vis versa. Al meet with one of our Japanese exchange students and still keeps in contact with her!
Sherry Howe did happy dollars, and Joe Kovarik did the October birthdays.  We gave a gift of $500 dollars for solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint of Dodge Nature Center.  Don’t forget the : WINTER SPARK Gala for Rotary DEC.5th tickets are still $75 dollars but will go up on Nov. 17 to $100.

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