Posted by Trixie Golberg on Jun 29, 2017

2016 Rotary President Chuck Whitaker, Whitaker Sports and Classic Cars called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm at the InterContinental Hotel St. Paul. President Whitaker invited members to stand to recognize the past presidents.  Song leader Jerry Faletti accompanied by Doug Hartford on piano lead members through God Bless America. Inspirational moment was offered by Nancy Brady, Neighborhood House, who shared what inspires her in her career and community. Sherry Howe, Intercontinental Hotel, welcomed and introduced Visiting Rotarians and Guests.  President Whitaker acknowledged and thanked meeting volunteers – Deb Katzmark, Flowers on the park, Trixie Golberg, Lifetrack, and Jean Vukas-Roberts, Hazelton.

President Whitaker asked Jay Pfaender to come forward for special recognition of his great work as Program Chair.  He also thanked Jason DeKeuster for his work as treasurer.   Jay thanked Chuck for the recognition and promo’d the July 11 speaker, Honorable Paul Anderson. 

Dan McKeown was introduced as 2017-2018 St. Paul Rotary Foundation Chair.  He recognized the 2016-2017 Board and announced the 2017-2018 Board members.  The foundation exceeded it’s 2016 campaign goal and looks forward to doing so again in 2017-2018. 

President Whitaker thanked and recognized the outgoing St. Paul Rotary Board members. 

President Whitaker shared club and personal highlights from the year.  The list of activities were again impressive and fun filled.    President Whitaker invited all the past presidents present to introduce themselves and their various Rotary roles.  It was an inspiring and impressive assemble of Rotary leaders with wonderful club histories and accomplishments.

President- Elect Faletti was invited to the podium.   President Whitaker presented the 2017-2018 Gavel and congratulated him and thank him for his service.  Julie Whitaker presented the Rotary pendent to Kathy Faletti to wear during the year ahead. 

President Faletti thanked President Whitaker and presented a plague and gavel.  Past President Carla Hauge presented Chuck his Past Presidents pin and welcomed him into the alumni group.

President Faletti welcomed and thanked District Governor-elect Kyle Haugen for joining us and for his year of service. 

Second Term Directors were introduced and incoming Directors were announced and awarded their pin. 

President Faletti began his term by honoring those who came before him:

“Let’s start with Past President Tom Farnham, since he is my sponsor.  Despite Tom’s total irreverence of all things, he tried to INSURE us of a successful year.  John Andrews – you simply cannot say anything negative about John, he’s kind of a BOY SCOUT.  How about Doug Bruce, well he was really INVESTED in Rotary; Jim Kosmo, well Jim really PADDLE FORED Rotary; John Guthmann, he presides do JUDICOUSLY over all of our meetings; Carla Hauge, well that was a president that really sunk her TEETH into the administration of our club and she knew how to DRILL DOWN to the finer details; and past president Chuck, well he really CAR’RD about Rotary Club 10.” 

President Faletti’s theme for the year is Together we can accomplish much bridging to our International Theme of Making a Difference. 

President Whitaker thanked our speaker and lead members through the 

Four way test before adjourning the meeting.

➢ Is it the TRUTH?

➢ Is it FAIR to all concerned?


➢ Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Members were reminded there is no July 4 meeting.




Respectfully submitted 

TrixieAnn Golberg