Posted by Jodi Erickson on Jun 26, 2018
Monique's presentation is a fast-paced excursion into the World of Hearing Loss. She shares her personal story and how a sudden hearing loss upended her life. 
Her intent is to keep people hearing better, longer. Education is key. So, how do we hear? What are the major causes of hearing loss? Might there be symptoms? Where, why and how do the ears get damaged? She concentrates on noise-induced hearing loss. What are we willing to sacrifice? 
Monique stresses that hearing loss is permanent and not only for older people anymore.   She also discusses: the effects of hearing loss on quality of life, how to prevent it and ways to better cope.
Monique asks the Rotarians to help her spread the message in their communities about this silent and mostly preventable epidemic.     
At the end of the presentation, Monique will sell book What Did You Say?  2nd Edition, for $10 ($16.95 retail).  
Monique is donating all of the proceeds to the St. Paul Rotary Club 10.
Monique Hammond, Registered Pharmacist, Hearing Consultant
Ralph D. Thomas & Associates, Inc., Safety, Engineering and Project Management Consulting