Posted by Trixie Golberg on Jan 25, 2018
President Jerry Faletti, Lethert,Skwira, Schultz,  convened the meeting at the InterContinental Hotel St. Paul. Dr. Bob Jones provided the pre-meeting music and opening song lead by David Laird, MPC,. Nancy Brady, Neighborhood House, reminded members of the number of children and families in the world living on less than $2.00 in the inspirational address. Micheal-Jon Pease, Park Square Theatre, lead introductions of guests and visiting Rotarians. President Jerry thanked meeting volunteers, Greeters  Al Zdrazil, MN Attorney General Office, ret. and Jonah Yang, Executive Protection Group, and Scribe: Trixie Golberg, Lifetrack. Thursday’s Fellowship meeting will include a conversation on future meeting structure and location all members are invited to share thoughts with Chuck Standfuss, Protocol 46. Jerry announced January Birthdays, as included in this week’s Hub, and thanked David Dominick, St. Paul YMCA, for the homemade cupcakes.  

All members are invited and encouraged to attend this year’s Joint Minneapolis Club 9 Meeting on Feb 16th in Minneapolis.  It’s a unique Club 10 tradition that will add to your Rotary network with a great program by Paul Douglas.  We are organizing a bus for those who would enjoy the opportunity for some bonus fellowship and avoid driving and parking.  Please sign up online.  Member cost is $10. Lunch is included in your membership dues. Next week’s program will be another great tradition with a visit from the Winter Carnival Royalty.  Rotary and Winter Carnival have a deep history and continues to have many members active in this St. Paul celebration of cold and community.  Be sure to bring your guests for his fun Carnival Week event!
President Jerry announced and introduced the 2018-2019 Club Officer and Board member nominees:  
  • President: Trixie Golberg
  • Vice President: John Chandler
  • Secretary: Chuck Standfuss
  • Treasurer: Steve Gerber
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Laurie Murphy
  • Director Emeritus: Al Zdrazil
  • Director: Bill Collins
  • Director: Bob Cardinal
  • Director: Cindy Shiely
  • Director: Elyssa Weber
  • Director: Lindsay Weier
  • Director: Susan O'Neil
Doug Bruce, UBS, introduced Paul Meekin, State of Minnesota, Technology, as a new Club member.  Paul thanked the members and shared his enthusiasm for getting to know everyone and contributing to club activities.  Bob Cardinal, Calhoun Companies, introduced fellow member Captain Jim Kosmo, author, river boat captain, reporter, former Mayor and Past Rotary President.   
Jim shared his story as published author, avid writer, advocate for education and youth and survivor. Jim’s new book, Monsters in the Hallway, published by Beaver’s Pond Press, grew from Jim’s calling to create a memoir from his many life adventures, experiences and transforming lessons.  His first book, Still Standing, told the hero’s story of overcoming sever tragedy without losing the joy,desire and conviction of living everyday with positive conviction and meaning.

Jim’s path to authoring his first nonfiction novel started with his desire to share with his grandchildren and future generations their family stories and heritage; and a deep love and admiration for his mother, Virginia Fischer Kosmo.  While capturing and reflecting on the major and minor experiences that had shaped his life path, Jim recognized that as an author he had an amazing power to direct the story line of his life.  Through story telling, he could include truth and create a unique reader experience in the blending of his life line with the intrigue of a mystery.

Monsters in the Hallway does accurately reflect Jim’s life experiences but layered on top is a murder mystery which is drawn from the rich imagination of both the grown author and his younger self.   Even a school paper created for a favorite teacher when he was 12 was woven into the pages.

Jim shared the story of how the book came to be and outlined  the  story just enough to temp but avoid any spoilers for readers.    Jim concluded by sharing  his guidance for “Taming Any Monster’ and what separates victims from victors.  
1.  Control:  Focus on what you can control today and tomorrow.  Appreciate the past was not in your control then and will not be in your control ever, no matter how much time you give to it. 
2.  Communicate:  Talk to people.  Find those around you, friends, mentors, professionals, to share with and learn from.  “Education is an answer to nearly everything. “ You can not process everything internally or alone.  Begin by writing notes.
3.  Celebrate:  Laugh often, with others, at yourself and “sell your positive attitude even if at first it’s just for yourself.  Celebrate who you are and what you’ve overcome.   While “monsters” are our challenges, our joy, accomplishments and laughter are our “butterflies.”
Jerry thanked Jim, presenting a certificate of appreciation and invited members to share the Four Way Test.
Of the things we think, say or do:
  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? 
Respectfully Submitted,






Trixie Golberg, Club 10 Vice President