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Sep 04, 2018
District 5960 Governor
Sep 18, 2018
(offsite at Doubletree, 411 Minnesota Street)
Padelford Outing
Sep 25, 2018
(offsite on Padelford)
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Aug 21, 2018
Kay King, Community Educator and Older Adults Program Coordinator, NAMI Minnesota (the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Minnesota)
Hear first-hand how our work directly affects the lives of children and adults living with mental illnesses and their families. Learn about our education and support programs and what we are doing to advocate for good mental health policies. A few mental health basics, volunteer opportunities and resources will be included.
Aug 15, 2018
Mindy Kastelic (St Paul Chamber) lead the meeting as John Chandler was on vacation. Billy Given played the piano (real) and David Laird lead the song.  Dave Dominick was the greeter, and Michael –jon Pease introduced guests, visiting Rotarians, etc. Laurie Murphy read the “The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” as the inspirational minute, in honor of VJ Day.   Sept. 25 is Photo Day at Rotary, so wear something nice !!! Picture will be taken aboard the Padelford.  Rose Sale announcement – sell those roses.   Sept 19 is the district Governor’s visit.  The Thursday 8-9-18 Board Meeting Report was given by Steve Gerber. The board is thinking of raising the dues $5 a month, in Jan 2019 .  Our membership is holding at 124 and we seem to be temporarily in a generational crunch.  We are also looking at each project as to whether we will do it or not. Past President Dinner is Aug. 30.  Get To Know  a Rotarian: Steve Gerber: he is an geo-tech kind of guy. He does RYLA, Dictionary Project, and Youth Exchange. He spends his time with his son Jordan and Rotary.  Jordan even facilitated a session as a one year old at RYLA. Asked what super power he would most like: Control time.
Mike Kuenster spoke about next week’s Rotary speaker: Kay King of NAMI. Then we heard from Linnea Anderson our foreign exchange student who went to Italy for Fashion Design. She is from Great River High School.  She was really glad to go and took course she wouldn’t have thought of for Fashion Design.  Linnea thanked everyone at Rotary for making her year abroad so special. 
John Guthmann introduced our speaker Tom Devine – who spoke about the Manhattan Project that his father was involved with.  Tom has a BA in Economics, is a Rotarian, spent his career in the Insurance Business, was a Board of Regents at Univ of Minn.  St Paul had location, resources, and people. We had an educated workforce and many construction workers out of as job, hence it was chosen. St Paul was a transportation Hub. Ships brought iron ore to Cleveland.  Warehouses and materials were ship to Los Almos (for example Weyerhaeuser lumber) Mr. Devine was head of procurement and organized a lot of the movement of goods to Los Almos. Some other names important to shipping were FOK Warehouse, Owatonna Tool, Ace Hardware..etc. We had a skilled workforce of 54,000 various construction people ( of Swedish, Irish and German decent) who worked at all levels of project. A Total of 129,000 people worked at Los Almos, form all over the USA.   J Peter Devine himself had gone to St. Luke’s, Cretin,  Univ of St Thomas and majored in Chemistry. And was a MENSA member.  He got a job at DuPont hence the project. DuPont was a major player in the smokeless  gun powder field. Of those 129,000 the maids, servers, etc were not told what they were working on or serving for. The less people that knew the better. A new plane the B-29 was built to carry the atom bomb. We were supposed to launch in Aug  2 bombs in Japan, and 3 more in Sept and 3 more in Oct; but the war thankfully ended with the dropping of the 2 bombs. One bomb went off 1500 feet above the city. The 2 bombs: a chain reaction bomb and a hydrogen Bomb were used. Why was the bomb dropped? Japan had 7 million troops, they said, but no one really knew. They had 140,000 American prisoners of war and over ¼ died in captivity, and were treated terribly. It was Truman’s decision to drop the bomb. So the President took on the moral obligations and consequences of the bomb. FDR had conversations about the bomb with German scientists;  of which one was Einstein in the early 1940s.  The Rosenberg trial had a lot to do with not telling the 129,000 workers what they were building!
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Laurie Murphy

Aug 14, 2018
Tom Devine's father, a downtown businessman, during World War II was stationed at the major locations of the Manhattan Project: Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, Everett, WA and finally assigned to Admiral Spruance’s flagship, the aircraft carrier, Essex.